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Greg Oliver’s Two Minutes for Reading So Good Column on the Society for International Hockey Research website featured me and my book on May 16th of this year. To date it has had 1,545 views! Admittedly, 45 of those was me but 1,500 views is still pretty damn impressive. Thanks Greg!

Great Caesar’s Ghost!!! My book made a major betting website!! Tom Knuppel from in Illinois gave my book a really great review and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! Thanks Tom! And I will let everyone know about your great website. Please share this and let everyone know! Doing the happy dance now.

Proof is in the pudding. Stopped by Indigo in Langley and there was my book. It’s in a prime spot in the Local Authors section. Very excited.

This is Daniel from the Indigo Store on the Langley Bypass. He is very happy with the response my book is getting in the store. Five more copies are on the shelf. If you want a copy and you are near there, drop by and pick one up. I noticed that they actually have some other books as well.

Started reading my friend Jerry’s book, “Memoir of a Hockey Nobody” this week. What a great read so far! 👍🏻This is available on Amazon for those who need a good laugh during quarantine!

~ Gayle A.

So excited! Finally got our copy of Memoir of a Hockey Nobody!

~ Holly JH.

Check out this awesome book I just got.

~ Rob L.

This is Dave “Davey Boy” Phelan. He says the best way to fill time when travelling by ferry is with a great read. I appreciate him more than I can say. Thank you Davey Boy!! See you at the “Memoir of a Hockey Nobody” book launch on Dec. 12th! 

This is Johnny Brown. A badass trucker. Believe it or not he is NOT a hockey fan. “I just don’t understand it” says JB. However, his wife, Mari, IS a hockey fan, so Badass Johnny bought my book, “Memoir of a Hockey Nobody” for his bride. Enjoy the book Mari! And safe travels to you Johnny, it was a pleasure talking to you and hope to see you again!

This is Dave. Dave is my boss. Dave is awesome. Dave bought my book “Memoir of a Hockey Nobody”, read it, and liked it. That’s a really Dave move Dave. Book is available on in Canada, and in the U.S. Please be like Dave.

This is Terry Eaton. We have been through thick and thick together. He has been my best friend for 25 years. (My wife refers to him as my husband) I would take a bullet for this guy. He is holding “Memoir of a Hockey Nobody” Edition #1 in his hands. The first book printed. I signed it as follows:

Best Friends……….til all else ends. I love you Bro!

Indy insisted that he read my book. “What a smart dog”! you exclaim? Not really. I have to turn the pages for him, and his lips move when he reads. Dumb dog.

This is Mike. Mike bought my book. Be like Mike.

This is Nadine, Queen of the Packager. Thanks for buying my book Nadine! Who loves ya?!

You recognize this guy? He is quite famous on Instagram as “Stressed Adam” on Steve McGowan’s (thestevemcgowan) Instagram page. Adam Brown was one of the first to get my book. Thanks for being such a hoot Adam! #whatisyourdeal!

This is Perry Lefko. He is an award winning writer and author of several books including a book with Eddie Olczyk chronicling his hockey career and battle with stage 3 colon cancer. He read my book and said it was “hilarious”. I am extremely humbled that such esteemed writers such as Perry, Greg Oliver, George Grimm, and Calvin Daniels have found my book entertaining. If you haven’t got a copy yet, you can order one on in Canada, or in the U.S. If you are local, (Greater Vancouver Area) you can buy one off me for $20 and $3 will go to help my friend Suzanne Saberniak who is battling cancer as well. Hoping to raise $3,500 with the sale of my book. You can also pick up a copy at the Indigo store in Langley on the Bypass. Thanks for all the support Perry!

Shawn Lakusta (aka Cap) finally got his mitts on a copy of Memoir of a Hockey Nobody. Looking forward to the review. Just clear the rebounds Cap!! Stay safe! #selects

This is Dave. Dave is the rarest of rare breeds. He is an honest mechanic. He has been fixing Kathleen’s car since he started in the business after high school 30 years ago. He bought my book and changed my oil. If your car needs something, see Dave at Deka Automotive in the Surrey/Langley area. Thanks Dave!

This is Beau from the 3 Valley Gap Chateau restaurant. He gladly bought a book from us. Thanks Beau! He also wishes the best to Suzanne!

This is Alanna. She just bought Memoir of a Hockey Nobody and made a sizeable donation to Suzanne Saberniak’s go fund me page. Thank you so much Alanna!

My nephew’s bathroom. Apparently that’s where he does all his reading.

Also at the pub tonight was this young lady. Meet Claire, a fellow Hip fan and Canuck fan. She saw the book on the table and insisted on buying one. Thanks Claire! Go Canucks Go!! Also, thank you for the donation to Suzanne!

Went to see Roadside Attraction at the Captain’s Cabin pub in Mission tonight. Was chatting with Rick the guitar player. Super nice guy and a hockey fan. He bought my book. If anyone wants to see a great Tragically Hip cover band, go see Roadside Attraction, they are phenomenal! Thanks Rick! I’m sure we’ll see each other again.

This is Dan, our insurance broker, enjoying a relaxing Saturday read. Thanks for the support Dan! And also the donation to Suzanne’s GoFundMe account!

This is Eddie (not his real name). He’s disappointed because apparently he thought when my book was delivered that it came with complimentary TidePods. Sorry Eddie, you’ll have to read the book with dirty insides. Enjoy!